Seduction – or how to attractive the opposite sex when you are neither Brad Pitt nor George Clooney

I – Make the most of your body, whatever it’s like

In the erratic but excellent American Psycho, Patrick Bateman replies to his secretary when she compliments him: “You can always be thinner, look better”. Don’t take this literally (don’t become anorexic, or a serial killer for that matter), but remember that you can (and should) make the most of what nature gave you. And to do so:

II – Invest in yourself first. Then buy the other stuff

I’ve got lots of friends who don’t have the time or the money to buy gym membership, or get their teeth whitened and get their corns sorted on their feet, but they have the time (and money) to watch the box sets of American TV series (£50 each) on DVD (£120 for the DVD player) on their 32–inch LCD TV (£900). Until you’re a multi-billionaire, when you can spend your money any way you want, spend the money on yourself first, on things which will make you a better person. Intellectually, and physically. For example:

Brad Pitt

III – Get the look

If you’re already more handsome than Cary Grant, and if your body language is already more manly than Brad Pitt in Fight Club, then, and only then, will getting the killer look do more harm than good as it will push you and your target further apart (putting you way out of her league) For the other 99.99% of you, this isn’t the case, so make sure you’re always as well dressed as possible in any given situation. You won’t believe the power of these bits of cloth they sell in shops called “clothes”, once you know how to choose them. But never use clothes to cover up the deadly sins:

IV – Hair, odours, wolf claws and other mutations

Stop lying to yourself: Only couch potatoes like telling all and sundry that a real man has a hairy back and smells like the changing rooms down at the local rugby club when he lifts his arms. Newsflash: (normal) women like men who are clean, not (too) hairy, and who smell nice. So go buy yourself some dental floss, don’t grow the Brazillian rainforest under your armpits, use antiperspirant if you need to, and get rid of any hair that grows anywhere where you’re the only one of all your friends to have hair! Only then will girls be able to concentrate on your other qualities:

V – Your confidence will flow from your skill

Along with energy, confidence is probably the sexiest free asset that a man can have. But to radiate confidence, there is no shortcut or joker you can use other than to be the master of your art. When the physio straps you up when you get injured, do you trust him? Of course, because he learnt and has carried out the same procedure 3000 times before you turned up. Don’t waste your time faking confidence if it’s something you lack. Learn how to react with women (in this case, how to make yourself more attractive to them) and your confidence will grow, along with your power of seduction.

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