Scotch & Soda : the Mercks jeans

Selected le 6 August 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Part of the Scotch & Soda’s Amsterdam’s Blauw collection, the Mercks jeans is a dedication to all budding as experienced cyclists. Named after one of the greatest cyclist ever (Eddy Merckx), those jeans are bringing more than a simple piece of clothing but the whole collection’s spirit with them: an “organic lifestyle”. As you can guess, they are created specifically for bikers, to feel comfortable and fashionable when riding. Features are adapted to nights and day riders, with a sturdy organic selvedge denim contruction, reinforced pockets and reflecting legs to be seen. Cool to go to work as for a casual use, and secondarily for rickshaws… can I drop you off somewhere else guys?

€159,95 from Scotch and Soda (available soon)

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