Sandqvist Vintage Backpack

It was just before leaving to Barcelona, and I just said myselft that time had come to get my first adult backpack. Beforce that I had a laptop bag since more than 2 years in which I carried my computer and camera, cf. look “A dandy in Villandry“. But as the time went by, I had to carry more and more stuff while my bag got heavier (in particular at the end of the day). I had a few hesitation regarding the backpack model I wanted, but I finally opted for a Sandqvist which met all specifics requirements: a practical, sturdy and elegant bag with a nice shape and design.

sandqvist backpack

sandqvist shoulder straps

sandqvist backpack buckle

sandqvist backpack zips

sandqvist backpack yoke

sandqvist backpack inside

sandqvist backpack rope

sandqvist backpack tab

Most of all, I first liked the design with a subtle mix canvas/leather. However the product has something missing: a compartment inside for the laptop. Incidentally, I had to take out my old laptop cover again and put it into the bag along my back, the way where it remains better protected. These five day in Barcelona allowed me to test my new companion in real conditions! There I asked myself “how could I have waited such a long time to get a backpack?”. It is really more comfortable than carrying a bag over the shoulder. So, in term of praticity and style, a big “Tested and approved” mention!

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par Joe the "tire-remover"

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