Looks le 9 March 2011 par Joe the "tire-remover"

It’s been now few month that the idea of showing our faces are going through our minds. Kind of a recent debate, given that we had firstly decided to remain anonymous. That’s why we’re writing under pen names since 2006. This decision has been really complicated to take, and we’ve finally agreed that showing ourselves would remove all the cold and unpersonal side of French Truckers.

Of course we’ll keep publishing looks, presenting collections and making selection of products. But to give you some more personal content, we really wanted to ‘built’ our own outfits in our respective universes. Only fools never change their minds ! Then we’re proud to announce this novelty, and leave it up to your tolerance. You’re around 40.000 to read us each month without such an evolution, and we hope you’ll keep visiting us more and more (and tell your friends to join us :p).


Credits : Pretty Box (style and clothes), Isabelle Morin (photos)

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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