Rendez-vous Singulier

Fashion le 30 October 2012 par Tony the “Cement maker“

Unique, singular a rendez-vous can be. The attraction of any rendez-vous lies more in the uncertainty surrounding it than the linear way it takes place, filled with dullness one would forget as soon as his glass would empty. Amnestic content for a meeting which unpredictable verdict settles from anonymous signs, imaginative metaphysics… The creation of a virtual world, a horizon of hope coming up as words and moves follow on. But uncertainty first, there’s no way to round it. Waiting, in a room full of questions and hopes one scour back and forth to understand his deepest questions. How… What if… But no… This punctiliously chosen place tells a lot about oneself, about this moment. Hotel Le Singulier’s living room, confidential as colored, hidden as welcoming, small as intriguing is the perfect place fo these special meetings.


A singular rendez-vous requires a singular outfit. A banker suit… certainly not. Let’s dare. That is what belongs to our generation, so let’s dare. A blue suit, yes. But not a common, boring blue suit. The meeting, this moment when any move, any option is a sign, when it is necessary to discuss something else than rainy sundays or thursday’s daily grind.


Deciding to wear a suit involves doing it thoroughly, as anything you undertake in your life I like to say. Tie with its clip, my seasonal must haves I never forgot when going out. Cut my tie if I’m lying. Cross my heart and hope to die. Wait is over, now please let me savour my apricot juice in such a pleasant company.


Tailored suit : Faubourg Saint Sulpice
Shirt : ASOS
Tie : Zara
Watch : Bell & Ross
Tie clip : BHV
Belt : COS
Shoes : Flecs
Lorraine wearing an Ideal Blank dress, Prada shoes, The Kooples belt, Velvetine bag.

Thanks to hôtel Le Singulier, 38 Rue Saint-Didier, Paris for welcoming us. Special thanks to Lorraine for the extra role and to Romano for the photos.

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