Quiksilver Custom Boardshorts

Since summer 2011, one of the most emblematic boardshorts brands (if not THE most) offers some customization options. Through a dedicated platform on their webshop and in few of their official stores, Quiksilver added a “Custom Boardshort” offer where you can customize all parts of your boardshorts, even their shape. If you don’t have found a beach partner for the summer yet, the long-awaited meeting may have come!

How does it work?

On this user-friendly interface, you can choose between 3 boardshorts shape: the Yoke, the Scallop (the one launched at Quiksilver’s very beginning, in 1969) and the Arch. All three have a different shape, for each can be customized : the length, the size and a color for any part of the shorts. Two fabrics can be chosen as well: the “4-Way Stretch Diamond Recycled Dobby”, some stretch recycled polyester, anti-irritations, quick drying and very light, or the “Poly Cotton Stretch”, a polyester, cotton and spandex mix, with basically the same features plus a vintage treatment (the fabric fades with time).

quiksilver customization

Few customization steps, choosing a logo, vintage or modern, putting initials, then comes the time too pay. Only one price for any product you want: €99 and free 3-days delivery. With such a price, better get the perfect trunks. The pitch says: “handmade 5 minutes away from the sea”, actually from Quiksilver’s European headquarters in Saint-Jean de Luz, in our beautiful Basque Country. By the way, the brand inspired from the boardshorts history, when surfers used to get their customized trunks in seaside huts where lived the craftsman.

One of my non-realistic creations

One of my non-realistic creations


People always tell theirselves they would change the color, the shape of such and such part of a product. But, I can tell how hard it is to start from a blank sheet and start to create from A to Z the most beautiful possible product. Amongst few thousands possible combinations and many tries, I took the plunge!

box quiksilver custom boardshorts

quiksilver custom boardshorts

I went for the Scallop, the most iconic Quiksilver model launched in 1969 (well, I actually prefered this shape more with its “scallop hems”). As for the colors, I picked some red and mixed it with two different blues adding a touch of white. More than three different tones would have given a “multicolor Christmas tree” render.

quiksilver boardshort customized

belt quiksilver custom boardshorts

quiksilver custom boardshort vintage logo

Laced belt, vintage logo and the colors belong to my own tastes. Just know the boardshorts fabric is really light, like some organic material. Another crucialcinformation, there is no mesh lining inside. As for the finish, it is perfectly done, nothing sticks out except for the traditional wax comb tied to the back pocket – fake surfers could use it to do their hair!

quiksilver custom boardshort cuc

logo quiksilver custom boardshort

quiksilver wax comb boardshort


€99 for some boardshorts may be expensive, but it is the right price for this unique Quiksilver product. I’m really happy with them! They dry quickly, they are light as a feather and all features were chosen by myself. How could I be unsatisfied then? Last-minute info, I have taken my usual size and opted for the shorter lenght, 16inches (40cm) which is around mid-tight for my 6.2 ft (188cm). I’m redoing my hair and going back surfing! Tested and approved!

To custom your own boardshorts go at Quiksilver official website www.quiksilver.com/custom

Pour personnaliser votre maillot rendez-vous sur le site officiel de Quiksilver www.quiksilver.com/custom

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