Question Air Winter Sales

Selected le 22 December 2010 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Regardless of Question Air modest sales I’ve made a selection there. The idea is to build a sailor outfit. It evidently starts with some fashionable hi boat shoes in which H by Hudson is specialized. To match them, some casual trousers might be appropriate, just pick a particular color like teal. Lets skip the graphic tee from Alexander McQueen to talk about an Edwin striped sweater. You may have already seen it on our blog, it would suit the look nicely. The greatest deal of this selection is unquestionably the peacoat from Paul Smith: 80% wool made, for a decent price. Some accessories are important to complete the outfit : we’ve got a fair isle beanie from Hartford and a striped scarf from Obey.

H by Hudson Shoes £116 (was £145) from Question Air
Suit Trousers £42 (was £60) from Question Air
Alexander McQueen T-Shirt £66 (was £110) from Question Air
Edwin Sweater £60 (was £85) from Question Air
Paul Smith Sweater £186 (was £265) from Question Air
Hartford Beanie £35 (was £50) from Question Air
Obey Scarf £28 (was £39) from Question Air

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  • Brice

    Very nice selection of looks all day long.. thanks Romano!

    It's a pity Question Air have such ridiculous delivery rates, for example £17 for a sweater to France! Crazy…

  • Pedja

    All combinations are great! Thanks!

    Nice peacoat.