Puma x Sneaker Freaker : Bunyip Cometh

The most famous magazine about sneakers celebreates its 10th anniversary. For the occasion Sneaker Freaker has invited Puma to release a collaboration, a pair of sneakers called “Bunyip Cometh”. Founded in 2002 by Simon ‘Woody’ Wood in Melbourne, the magazine has become through the years a reference in sneakers culture. Its 10th year of existence is marked with a theme coming straight from their homeland, the ‘Bunyip’, a creature from the aborigine mythology.

A creature who would hide into waterholes (river beds, swaps and billabongs – a meander), frightening, devouring any animal or human who would dare venturing in his neighborhood. There are verious speculations on the Bunyip’s shape, some people tell it could look like a walrus with tusks, a horse with a mane or a dog. One sure thing is, it has fins and a long neck, a certain advantage over its victims.

Seeing this revisited version of Puma Dallas, we feel this collab was reworked according to the myth. The shoe looks like a mysterious creature lifted from a murky as deep water with an infernal look. The upper is made of a soft premium suede leather on a crepe solde giving it this natural aspect. The finishing touches are fine with a jagged-edged tongue and ‘zigzag’ stichings, still in a same spirit. Then, a off-white plain leather yoke featuring the Bunyip/Puma logo tops it all.

This collaboration was already available since march 15 in ASIA/Pacific, and it has now arrived in France. To get it in paris you should quickly go to Colette (213 Rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris) and Blackrainbow (68 rue des archives, 75003 Paris). This extra-limited edition guys, 20ex only for France sold for €150. #needapair


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