Pro-Keds x Woolrich collab

In October 2012 was released this magnifiscent collaboration between Woolrich, centenary wool-expert based in Pensyvannia, and Pro-Keds, iconic 1970s sneaker brand and most of all the sports division of Keds created in 1949. In this collaboration Woolrich took over the Royal Masted DK, shoes released in 1975, and dressed it up with the same wool they used for New England hunting jackets. Plaid is a Scottish wool generally found in a typical tartan pattern, it looks like it has crossed the Atlantic over the centuries. It was used for every 3 colorways of this collab. As always, the sole is trimmed with Pro-Keds iconic blue and red bands and a cap toe ices the cake. We absolutely loved this collaboration as soon as it was released and we thought the whole stock was dead… let me say no! All 3 models are available at Size? with remaining sizes!


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