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Fashion le 22 November 2012 par Traz "the doc"

You must already know about Lip. Maybe one day your grandfther gave you his vintage Lip watch? As a matter of fact, this brand was created in 1868 and for ages it has been a leading French watchmaker. According to its past, full of emblematic models, Lip proposes two ranges: the Createur revisiting their 70’s designs like the iconic Roger Tallon’s Mach 2000; and the Historique range with their most classic creations. Among this latter can be found the General de Gaulle which doubly marked Lip history: it highly simbolized the brand’s technological breakthrough as the world’s first electronic watch, and it granted the brand a place in the history of France, being worn by General de Gaulle (it is inspired from a slightly different model he was actually wearing called the R27).

This reissue faithfully reproduces the original design. It features an oval case, quite typical from that time, stick hands and a bolt on the direct-drive counterweight symbolizes the energy making the original movement work. The dial is finely finished with a gradient and a discret guillochage border. The watch has a transparent bottom so its movement and the balance rotation could be observed. Lip has chosen a Milanese bracelet for the automatic version. Interest for these knitted steel bracelets is greatly renewing from luxury watch brands such as IWC, Breitling, Zenith these times.

The watch also features a reliable automatic Japanese movement: the Miyota 8215 (it comes with a 24 month warranty), and it is 30 meters water resistant. What a nice neo-vintage watch Lip proposes us here with just a little update on a reworked dial. It is still an automatic watch for a decent price: €279, nicely done guys! For smaller budgets the Lip Charles de Gaulle also exist in a quartz version for €149 available at Timefy.

prix conseillé   €299

sur Timefy

par Traz "the doc"

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