Pong Research anti-radiation iphone case

Until now smartphone cases were only used to protect a phone itself. The Pong Research company created a case to protect the user as well! As you may know, the mobile phone noxiousness is source of debate (from idependent research and the phone industry). The most recent news: in a report published last month, the European Environment Agency evokes a probable cause between cancer risks and using a mobile. This would be due to radiations produced by mobiles and wave reception. So the report advices to reduce the time spent on the phone. Especially in narrow spaces like cars were the wave exposition is higher.


To limit those risk, the Pong Research company created a phone case incorporating an antenna offering many advantages:

1- It would help directing radiations to the back of the phone instead of the user.
2- It would help getting a better reception signal.


Less waves but also a better signal and a higher autonomy for any phone. Pong Research claims impressive optimisation numbers, but we don’t have the required tools to measure and check those datas. As you know, we particularly focus on design high-tech accessories.


Beyon what looks like technologically well-tought, what caught our attention from Pong products: the item is nice. Cases’ design is uncuttlered as colorful. Among all colorways offered, I went for a “vivid green”. The case is a bit thicker than a traditional one but it is made of a quality polymer, which inspires confidence regarding protection, also the feeling is quite pleasant and the case is really light.


The cases are available for iPhone 4/4S, 5 Samsung Galaxy S2/3 and a full range of Blackberry is about to come. Of course, these high-tech cases are more expensive than usual!

prix conseillé   $60

sur Pong Research

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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