Politburo tie

Selected le 22 November 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

The term “Politburo” refers to the former USSR. A Steering Comitee was running the country a that time. Not without humor, some young Italian creators have decided to transform expression into a brand promoting a “sartorial revolution”. Their creations are contemporary though inspired by traditional tailoring. An elegant revolution where protesters demonstrate wearing wool jackets, cashemeres and wave the matching accessories. Personally, I have been attracted by this original tie, for its shape as for its fabric. It mixes woold and cashmere and has a flat end. The tie is made in Italy like its perfectly matching belt (same fabric and same pattern). If you also want to demonstrate for a more elegant world: let’s meet tomorrow 10am at the cafetaria :>

€50 from Politburo

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