Pointer Benson & Barajas II

Selected the 24 September 2011 by Romano as "the garagerocker"

If you want to get reliable shoes for this Winter, Pointer is certainly one of the best choice you can make. Among the 21 brand new pairs available on their official website, I’d like to focus on two models. The first one is called Benson, it is certainly a great pair of the Autumn/Winter season. With a full leather package, the Benson is simple and well-designed, truly representating Pointer’s philosophy. The second model is called Barajas II and looks brilliant mixing leather, buckskin and cotton. The forest sepia color should also convince the most conservative of you and will perfectly suit casual outfits.

Benson: £115 from Urban Industry
Barajas II: £90 from Urban Industry

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  • Darell Carey

    These are really good examples of the best Pointer have to offer. Simple and understated, but intricately detailed and stylish.