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Men's Beauty le 11 December 2012 par Joe the "tire-remover"

The Styleshaver Pro is one of the lastest shaving machines from Philips: a full-options beard trimmer ideal to style a 3-days beard or a clean shave. All comes with a nice design marked with Philips identity.

Design and Ergonomics

The trimmer looks a bit like a racing car with a metallic body and aerodynamic grip tapes. The led for battery level perfectly fits the Styleshaver design thanks to a central split. The length adjustment button also has a fine design and the trimming-head can pivot from 32mm to 15mm.


Technical features

The trimmer has a sharpen blade and the use of different combs can set different cutting heights. I personally don’t use them to style my 3-days beard. But it an be useful to “tame” some wilder sproutings. Anyway, the adjustment wheel is very accurate, holding tightly your desired height. From the other side of the handle is a foil shaver you can also use to trim. Most of all, it is perfect for a clean shave. Battery life is around 50 minutes. 100% waterproof, with a practical cleaning and use.



The Stylershave comes with a protective cover, a cleaning brush, a foldable charging stand and two combs (one for trimming and one for the beard).

Test & opinion

I rarely shave myself. I rather prefer style my beard every three days. So I naturally tested this function in first, with satisfactory results. I usually use an electric shaver for trimmings (neck and cheeks). This machine here is quite practical as it suits for both: ok, the shaving fuction is a bit noisy but still does the job! At least for how I needed to shave. And because I always complete the task with a brief clip on my head to even all up, I followed and it happened that the blade was wide and powerful enough to suit that function as well. Finally, this ones is perfect for my use. Tested and approved mention!


Note that I have tested the 6160 model, but another cheaper version (the 6140) exists with the same features. This latter just comes without any comb or charhing stang. Well, for few savings better worth knowing about it ;)

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