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Men's Beauty le 25 September 2007 par Joe the "tire-remover"

Philips and Nivea for Men have once again got together to create a new Philishave Cool Skin model: the HS 8020. If you don’t know how it works yet, it’s an electric razor which dispenses shaving gel directly from the middle of its heads. Compared to the older 1st generation models (I’ve got one of the first ones) they are more ergonomic: the razor is lighter and more managable. Like the others, this one still has 3 heads, which each have blades that lift the hair and others that cut it, but they are more flexible. And the filling system (for the Nivea cream) has changed: it doesn’t use cartridges anymore, but a bottle. As you can see above, it connects to the razor, and a pump allows the internal reservoir to be filled. It is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower, and lasts for 30 minutes between charges.



  • The flexibility is good. The 3 heads adapt well to the shape of the face and allow a close shave. The neck is always a delicate area but overall it doesn’t leave much for a manual razor to cover.
  • The cream dispenser is a real bonus. It allows a smooth glide and reduces irritation. Of course, you still have to buy refills, but 1. I think that the 28ml bottle provided will probably last for a few months 2. the bottle only costs €8.99.
  • The Philishave seems to offer good value for money. I know models that are more expensive that I used for less time (I’m basing my opinion on the previous model as I’ve only been using this one for 2 months)

The price : £90 from


par Joe the "tire-remover"

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  • w.boal

    I have been given a razor which takes sachets but have not the instrctions to tell me how long to charge it for could you please e mail them to me.thank you

    W Boal