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For hair le 11 July 2007 par Joe the "tire-remover"

I’ve been testing the Philips Bodygroom, the 2-in-1 body hair trimmer, for 2 weeks now. If you’ve not heard of it yet, it’s a special gadget for shaving the body and private parts. It looks a bit insectoid, with a long, rounded body and a round head. The shaver has a hypoallergenic foil and a trimmer on each side. This means you can use it in either direction. You also get 3 comb attachments for shaving different lengths. Other features: It’s completely waterproof and can be used for up to 50 minutes between charges. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty: what’s the Bodygroom for?


It’s a trimmer and shaver specially designed for the body. You can use it to trim hair on your chest, belly, armpits, shoulders, back and legs, but also more delicate areas such as the groin, pubic hair and goolies. And as the Bodygroom is waterproof you can use it dry or in the shower. I tried to test it as often as possible over the last 2 weeks to give you a thorough report. So here are the advantages and disadvantages I found for this gadget.


  • Simplicity and practicality. It’s designed for the growing number of men who like to look after themselves and keep trimmed. The Bodygroom is really simple and practical. Its ease of use and the ability to trim in both directions mean that you really can use it everywhere.
  • The different cutting lengths. The 3 combs allow different lengths of cutting according to your mood and the body part concerned.
  • Cordless operation. 50 minutes use between charges is ideal, all the more so given that when you first use the Bodygroom you find that you can easy spend half an hour trying it out.
  • Its multiple uses. Even if you already have clippers for your hair, the Bodygroom won’t replace them (it’s not powerful enough), but it does work rather well on beard hair. The combination of trimmer and razor is particularly practical if you have a few days’ beard growth! It also hurts a lot less if you use the trimmer before you use the razor!
  • The price. At under £30 the Bodygroom is affordable.



  • The packaging. When I opened the box and found the Bodygroom in a plastic mould, I thought it looked rather cheap, and was worried that my first impressions would be right!
  • No carry case is supplied as you would normally expect with a razor or clippers. Especially given that the Bodygroom is supplied with 3 combs and a charger and cable.
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  • Man

    I have it. Great product!

  • art

    salut, symp ton blog ! vraiment agréable de lire tes billets. pçur en revenir à ce billet, parfois certaines parentjèses en disent bien +b que le reste de la phrase: it's a special gadget for shaving the body and private parts :)