Penfield SS11

It’s obvious, Penfield SS11 collection’s theme is about seafaring, sailors, fishermans and other sea related stuff. That’s why most of their pics are taken from the seaside. And that’s also why they’re presenting lots of windbreakers, parkas and others waterproof jackets. All of their looks are adapted to the season, and some are totally into the trend : Persols, beige bermudas with a lightblue jacket (look 3), gringham shirt (look 8), and another time a cotton/chambay bermuda (again…) with a red jacket (look 10). Well, that’s making a lot of bermudas for a colorful collection. I can’t wait to see it for real!

penfield ss11-2

penfield SS11-4

penfield SS11-6

penfield ss11-8

penfield ss11-10

penfield ss11-11

penfield ss11-9

penfield ss11-7

penfield SS11-5

penfield SS11-3

penfield ss11-1

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