Pea jacket: 3 outfits ideas

Advices le 15 January 2013 par Joe the "tire-remover"

We lastly provided advices about how to choose a peacoat, the following had to explain how to wear it. In this last article of our peacoat series, we wished to show how such a menswear classic can be worn for many occasions, matching different styles for both formal and more relaxed use. We’ve chosen three different peacoats suiting best for such or such appropriate occasion. But we could have tried this exercise with only one for all outfits!

Outfit n°1: Streetwear

Beanie: Black
Peacoat Paul & Joe
T-shirt: Boom bap
Jeans: Nudie
Sneakers Clae

Outfit n°2: Adventurer


Peacoat: Schott
Denim Jacket: Denim & Supply
Chinos: Scotch & Soda
Boots: Schmoove

Outfit n°3: chic

Peacoat: Balibaris
Chemise: Commune de Paris
Suit: Hèdus
Derbies: a.Testoni
Umbrella: Vantis

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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