Paul Smith Rabbit Sneakers

These new Paul Smith “Rabbits” are the latest episode in the “Choosing Trainers for the Summer” series. They’re part of the Jeans collection, and are sort of like Paul Smith’s take on Stan Smiths. And this is what you end up with: trainers with brogue punching on the toe, thin laces, multicoloured stripes and rubber soles (nice little touch: the sole is patterned with hopping rabbits). In short, the “Rabbit” is the perfect mix of comfort and style this summer!

paul smith rabbit sneakers

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  • Ki

    seriously ppl has to buy them..its really comfy…n its reddddd….its 90pounds but its so worth it..a must buy..but on 2nd thought,dont buy them..or else i wouldnt be one of kind for owning one of those rabbits…i love paul smith products..i love the stripes..i love the colours..awww…im gona make my own stuff using those designs..hahahaha if i know how..

  • PatrickGoh

    i love this pair of rabbits.. damn original.. with it's authentic PS design and furthermore it's WHITE.. i'm finding for a shop in Singapore to purchase 'em.. anyone knows where can i find a PS boutique?.. send me a mail :