Chic bicycle

Looks le 6 October 2013 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Getting around by bike downtown is a real lifestyle, hair blowing in the wind, leaving the cars behind, driving throug the city without asking yourself any question, comfortable in your pedals. An issue often come when combining elegance with cycling, and believe me, it is not something obvious for everyone. Try to wear a jacket and go for a ride downtow, not with a mountain bike but a regular one, vintage with racing handlebars. You will see that only two minutes riding and people will start looking at you. It might be a surprise effect, but it really is about the charm of elegant men riding bikes drawing attention, on the contrary of “glitzy” men with sportscars and big watches.

A sophiticated and self-confident men, with an eco-aware lifestyle, a certain idea of the modern man, here is what your fixie ride in suit will provoke. How can be fashion useful if it does not conveys images and clichés? Indeed, a rainy weather could make things a bit complicated, but let’s imagine for this photo shoot, that rain had never existed.

tony bike 1

tony bike 2

tony bike 3

tony bike 4

tony bike 5

tony bike 6

I have chosen a navy suit, worn with a fitted white shirt and a blue/red club tie. The suit sports lovely details like wood buttons. The outfit remains classic but every clothes has a nice fit here.

To give it a modern twist, I went for a plait belt and a pair of Oxford shoes in burgundy with a perforated toe and beige laces. Under the same perspective, this coloured satchel echoeing the tie, still inspired from a schoolboy uniform.

The chrome bicycle here, thumb its nose at all racing cars accumulating in front of Parisian fancy hotels. A pair of leather gloves cand also be used to grab your battle steed handlebar, which will never stop in the traffic jam.

tony bike 7

tony bike 8

tony bike 9

tony bike 10

tony bike 11

tony bike 12

tony bike 13

Jacket: Melinda Gloss
Shirt: The Kooples
Tie: Gant Rugger
Trousers: Melinda Gloss
Belt: Polo Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Grenson
Bag: Ted Baker
Gloves: Leon Flam
Bike: Chappelli

Photos: Joe

Waiting at the Seven

Looks le 4 October 2013 par Max as "the driver"

Something pretty unusual has been happening around here. For the first time, we have teamed up with a brand for a photo shoot. It all started few weeks ago when we contacted Club Monaco to discuss working together. This is a new concept for us, so we have been making our way through the process as best we can. It was important to keep a Club Monaco vibe for this series, so we went to a fancy place in Paris called the Seven Hotel. Their bar has colour-changing lights, creating all sorts of different atmospheres. Max was the perfect model for what we wanted to show. He has the presence to pull off Club Monaco’s clothes perfectly – and had let his beard grow for a few weeks especially for the occasion. As we wanted it colourful, we’ve dressed him up in different shades of blue, which create some pretty nice contrasts with the changing lights.

“The holidays are over. It’s back to business, back to Paris. Sitting at the hotel bar, in this sophisticated, sleek place, I am recovering after a long day of hard work. My skin is still a little tanned, so I chance some colours – shades of blue – just to sweeten this return to reality. I’m relaxing with one of the barman’s daily secret cocktails, having left my jacket in my room. My mind, racing through the events of the day, is soothed by all these changing lights. That’s why I like to come here, to this highly original bar. To surround myself with all these purplish-blue tones. Maybe she’ll like it too.”





Shirt: Club Monaco
Trousers: Club Monaco
Shoes: Florsheim
Tie: Club Monaco
Belt: CLub Monaco
Watch: Briston

To see exclusive pictures from this shooting please visit Club Monaco’s Facebook Page

Thanks to the Seven Hotel, thanks to Joe and Romano for taking the pictures

Gustin jeans : our test

We’ve been talking so much about selvedge denim, their superior quality compared to basic fabrics, how to make them look better with age, how to wash raw jeans, maybe it is time for you to get your first pair of premium jeans. Since few weeks, there is a small brand which reputation grows. Selvedge jeans, nice fabric, in few words, quality for $81 only! We did not hesitate for a long time, we had to test Gustin jeans!


Gustin is an American brand founded by passionate guys about this special fabric: denim. In 2011, having worked in various fields of denim (sewing, mills, etc.) the founders decided to launch their own denim brand based on a particular concept. From a simple question is born Gustin: why paying $200 for jeans in store as it would cost around 2.5 times less in direct for a same quality? Inspiring from the most popular denim brands, getting their fabric from the same factories, producing locally by hand (San Fransisco), Gustin launched their special concept. Here is the deal: they buy some denim rolls from the best providers of the World, sell them on their website estimating how many jeans they can make with the stock, then create jeans once they get sure the whole fabric is sold. This is more or less Kickstater’s principle, actually they have tried it in January 2013 and got a substantial boost.

jeans gustin plat

jeans gustin american selvedge

jeans gustin logo


When you wish to get a pair of Gustin jeans, you can only choose a fabric amongst what they have available at the given moment (otherwise the better thing to do is waiting). When I ordered, they had a 14,75oz raw selvedge denim, quite thick then, coming from Cone Mills (Levi’s ever provider). A fabric you could find from around $200 in store, they proposed it from $81. Bingo, let’s test it!

jeans gustin etiquette

The jeans arrived in a month. Straight cut, raw, thick and rigid fabric, leaving indigo marks on the fingers and shoes. Let’s examine the jeans from all angles, they feature a leather patch, 5 belt loops and one with selvedge detail, oxidized silver buttons with Gustin details from both sides, selvedge fabric, blue trimming on the back pockets, red hems, rivets on the front pockets, etc. There is no doubt about it, these are well made jeans! Another rare feature, even the buttonholes area was made with selvedge denim.

jeans gustin boutons

jeans gustin boutonniere

jeans gustin details

Let’s focus on the fabric, some could say 14.75oz is a mid-weight denim, but this can be especially thick when you are not used to it. Meaning that it may hurt from the hips and behind the knees the first times you will wear your jeans. Don’t worry, that’s totally normal! Wearing the jeans will help the fabric to stretch, and they will fit like a glove (or tights) next. If you don’t feel like suffering, just wait for a lighter fabric on Gustin’s website, like 12oz. Well, I got used to get scars when wearing jeans for the first time, and again, this fabric really worthed it. What remains to see is how it will fade over time.

jeans gustin dos

jeans gustin patch

jeans gustin poches

gustin cone mills selvedge 14-75 oz


As you may have noticed, I was excited about testing one of these Gustin jeans. And I’m telling you right now how worthy their are! I went for a straight fit, theirs is really nicely made. They had to craft the jeans according to their special process, though this one month period seemed rather short. As for the sizing (6.17ft – W32) I took my usual size. And if butonning up was quite hard at the beginning, they are now comfortable like sweatpants. Regarding the fabric quality, what remains the most important after all, that’s top notch denim! Honestly, $81 for such premium jeans is unbeatable (unless the $20 shipping cost for Europe – a little effort on this point would be greatly appreciated guys!) – Tested and approved mention!

jeans gustin porté

prix conseillé   $81

sur Gustin

If I was president…

Looks le 26 September 2013 par Max as "the driver"

This is funny how the title of a look becomes evident as soon as the photos are shot. So evident that it is impossible thinking about another title then! Each series tells its own story, is surrounded by a special own athmosphere, and my first one of the year follows the rule. Romano and me had dediced to go to Jardin du Palais du Luxembourg. So easy, it was located just 5 minutes walk from our hotel… we soon realised 5 minutes were actually 25. Well, let’s take the bus then. The stop was just up the street… but we had no ticket, no money and the bus had just left anyway. Wearing my Oxford shoes, we’d finally go there walking. Once arrived, the place made me naturally adopt this attitude. I took possession of the Jardin du Luxembourg, this palace where sits the Senate was mine. I was dreaming about being president!

max president 4

max president 10

max president 8

max president 14

max president 19

max president 18

I imagine myself being an approachable president wearing a £130 suit. Wandering around the park path, I’m even coming across my electorate – one reader and his friend – with whom we had a short but pelasant talk.

max president

max president 12

max president 13

All votes are welcome as I even try to bribe two ducks, undoubtedly this is my environmentalist side. I have to finally admit it, I don’t weight enough to be eligible for such an entitlement. It is time to drop my mask. The rain makes me come back to reality. I’m now heading towards the exit, leaving my self-proclaimed President status behind the park’s gates.

max president 2

max president 20

max president 1

max president 3

Suit: ASOS
Shirt: Alain Figaret
Tie: Balibaris
Tie Clip: Asos
Belt: Maison Standards
Socks: Happy Socks
Shoes: Bexley

Aesop Facial Hydrating Serum

Cosmetics le 19 September 2013 par Joe the "tire-remover"

The first time I have tested something from Aesop was two years ago with this anti-oxidant serum. The more I test Aesop products, the more I like this brand, and apparently, I’m not the only one. In the early days of August, I came across one of their new shop while walking in Paris. This was an occasion to realise that I was far to have all of their products tested! It looks like their range has hundreds of different products. Anyway, let’s focus on a precise product today: the Oil Free facial hydrating serum I’ve been using all summer long.



Just a reminder: Aesop is an Australian brand created in 1987 in Melbourne. They offer facial, hair and body skincare products all made of plants chosen for their anti oxdydant properties (antipollution, anti-smoking, anti-fatigue and anti-stress action). Products are all presented into some laboratory-like glass bottles, which can be confusing the first time you see them, but prove to be very useful thanks to the pipette and the light gel texture allowing to dose precisely the quantities.

User manual

A serum has to be applied in the morning and evening on a cleaned skin and before a moisturizer. It is more expensive as more concentrated in active ingredients. It’ll allow hydrating the skin better when it its required (exposure to sun, wind, cold, etc.) and help getting a better-looking skin (all the same, don’t forget to sleep and have regular physical activity). An hydrating serum, this is like the “Turbo boost” fuction of a trucker’s washbag!



This serum from Aesop has 3 essential ingredients: Aloe Vera (well-known for its moisturizing properties), Ylang Ylang (a South-West Asia flower extract awakening tired skins) and Panthenol (impoving the skin hydration). The care releases a delicate herbaceous perfume, the kind that carries you out in the sticks early in the morning. It has a oil free texture adapted to all skin types, then it is quickly absorbed. Use your basic moisturizer next, then you’ll be smiling again with a softer and more supple skin!



This serum reflects the whole Aesop line: sober, soft and efficient. Like any serum, it is expensive (€51) but has enought capacity to “turbo boost” your skin for many weeks (unless you’re clumsy and spill your bottle)! To give you an idea, I’ve been using it for 2 month and the bottle is more than half-filled. Here is something perfect to face the firsts autumn breezes serenely.

prix conseillé   €52

sur Mankind