Mid Season Sale at Size?

Selections the 16 October 2013 by Romano as "the garagerocker"

UK sneakers specialist Size? has just launched some mid-season sale. There are many nice pairs at very discounted prices (up to 60% off), but also clothes. Amongst all good deals, we made a selection to save you some time:

mid season sales

Shirt: Carhartt £45 (£70)
Backpack: Trainerspotter £15 (£30)
Hi-tops: Vans £60 (£70)
Camouflage sneakers: Converse £30 (£60)
Jeans: Edwin £50 (£80)
Hoodie: Size? £30 (£45)
T-shirt: Diamond Supply £20 (£35)
Sneakers: Nike Air Max 1 £65 (£95)
Camo jacket: Stussy £120 (£150)

At the pub

Entering into a pub after work is like going from a world to another. Falling into spatio-temporal flaw and landing in a world where the time stops, where people smoke cigarettes to the filter (when there is a filter), where you build up your arm muscles in some elbow-bending contest with your fellows. There are several clans, those who like large-breasted blonds, some slimmer, the red-haired amateurs and those who like brunettes. In spite of this cultural mix, everyone lives in harmony… especially for the first couple of drinks! No clashes, people shout while watching the game, drink, chat about everything and nothing, then drink again, joke, then drink over and over again while minutes pass like a tape running in fast-forward. Still in a picturesque place, anywhere in the world, the pub is a place where you could imagine being right in Dublin, London or Glasgow is you close your eyes while you go out of it. The owner, a fifty year old guy nostalgic of his student years, always display his whisky reserve. Meanwhile, the night goes on, people are still talking as a lot of glasses are broken, and the boat pitches when you try to empty your big belly. Going at the pub feels so well that you could spend a whole night into it…

romano pub 23

romano pub 1

romano pub 19

romano pub 14

romano pub 9

romano pub 24

romano pub 8

romano pub 13

romano pub 26

romano pub 18

romano pub 25

Jacket: Universal Works
Shirt: Obey
Trousers: Homecore
Shoes: Clarks
Watch Timex

Thanks to the Conolly’s for welcoming us !
Photos by Fainst from Ziris

2013 US moustache and beard championship

Selected the 8 October 2013 by Romano as "the garagerocker"

At the beginning of September, a great event happened: the beard and moustache 2013 national US championship. New Orleans, South-East of the country, saw many men with heavy facial hair parade for this contest. A precision, all participants could enter the game in different categories, the moustaches and the beards being split up into two families. The “natural” category does not allow the use of any gel or wax, apart from that, may other styles could participate: the Dali, the English, the Imperial, the Hungarian, the Fu Manchu Goatee, the Musketeer, the Garibaldi beard, the Verdi, etc. To top it all, in the “freestyle” category, no holds barred… Of course following certain (quite stricts) rules: judges have to decide which one of the competitors has a facial hair enhancing the best his general appearance, style and personality. The main criteria are originality and creativity.


The World’s championships will take place in Germany, at Leinfelden-Echterdingen, near Stuttgart, on the 2nd of November 2013! If you want to enter the competition, or even attend them, please visit the insciption page. For those who shaved after waking up this morning, sorry guys but you’ve missed your chance for this time. Unless your facial hear grows very quickly, the only thing to do is preparing for the next championship in two years (the place hasn’t been announced yet).












This is an American photographer called Greg Anderson who wished to take pictures of all these facial sculptures for a personal project. And you can find all of his work in the Facebook Page.

Adidas Originals Geometric Pack

These times, Size?, the sneaker shop, seems to like revising Adidas old shapes. They have just released the Geometric Pack: a series of two classic models from the “three stripes” brand into original colorways. Here, the ZX 5000 and the Oregon Ultra Tech are given this “pop” geometric twist in background of the ever 3 stripes for a black/grey/white color palette with touches of orange and red. Both are coming in basic running meterials: mesh, suede and smooth leather, then original soles. We love this pack, made with rare models and dressed with quirky colors. To get your pair, know that this is a Size? exclusive pack. The ZX 5000 is sold for £80 and the Oregon for £75. An advice, hurry up guys!

adidas original geometric edition

ADIDAS geometric zx 5000

adidas originals zx 5000 geometric

adidas torsion tech

adidas geometric oregon tech

adidas originals geometric oregon tech

retail price   $80

at Size?

Chic bicycle

Looks the 6 October 2013 by Romano as "the garagerocker"

Getting around by bike downtown is a real lifestyle, hair blowing in the wind, leaving the cars behind, driving throug the city without asking yourself any question, comfortable in your pedals. An issue often come when combining elegance with cycling, and believe me, it is not something obvious for everyone. Try to wear a jacket and go for a ride downtow, not with a mountain bike but a regular one, vintage with racing handlebars. You will see that only two minutes riding and people will start looking at you. It might be a surprise effect, but it really is about the charm of elegant men riding bikes drawing attention, on the contrary of “glitzy” men with sportscars and big watches.

A sophiticated and self-confident men, with an eco-aware lifestyle, a certain idea of the modern man, here is what your fixie ride in suit will provoke. How can be fashion useful if it does not conveys images and clichés? Indeed, a rainy weather could make things a bit complicated, but let’s imagine for this photo shoot, that rain had never existed.

tony bike 1

tony bike 2

tony bike 3

tony bike 4

tony bike 5

tony bike 6

I have chosen a navy suit, worn with a fitted white shirt and a blue/red club tie. The suit sports lovely details like wood buttons. The outfit remains classic but every clothes has a nice fit here.

To give it a modern twist, I went for a plait belt and a pair of Oxford shoes in burgundy with a perforated toe and beige laces. Under the same perspective, this coloured satchel echoeing the tie, still inspired from a schoolboy uniform.

The chrome bicycle here, thumb its nose at all racing cars accumulating in front of Parisian fancy hotels. A pair of leather gloves cand also be used to grab your battle steed handlebar, which will never stop in the traffic jam.

tony bike 7

tony bike 8

tony bike 9

tony bike 10

tony bike 11

tony bike 12

tony bike 13

Jacket: Melinda Gloss
Shirt: The Kooples
Tie: Gant Rugger
Trousers: Melinda Gloss
Belt: Polo Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Grenson
Bag: Ted Baker
Gloves: Leon Flam
Bike: Chappelli

Photos: Joe

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