The man and the cat

Looks le 4 March 2014 par Tony the “Cement maker“

Gustave is a cat who likes water and caresses (he is more a dog than a cat actually). That’s why we got along easily. A lot of black is announced this season. Here it is, incanated in a kitten walking in the midle of a large Parisian appartment. Emerald and gold eyes, Gustave know how to touch you even when spilling his glass of milk. A Parisian Chat Noir who gave his name to this great Montmartre Cabaret – Icon of romantism where all the Parisian elite was gathering at the end of the 19th century – this black cat may be Gustave’s ancester. Here is our first animal feature in a shoot. Gustave took the pose with great professionalism.

man and cat 0

man and cat 01

man and cat 03

man and cat 04

man and cat 05

man and cat 06

man and cat 07

man and cat 08

man and cat 09

man and cat 10

Cardigan: Loreak Mendian
Shirt: Knowledge Cotton Apparel
Belt: La Panoplie
Trousers: Kulte
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger
Headphones: Aedle
Photos by Jérôme Vivet. Thanks to Cécile for the balcony and Gustave.
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Discovering the adult world with Baxter of California

Whether you wear a beard, a moustache, a goatee or sideburns, we all went through the same thing. Some were precocious, some other waited longer… In any case, this is a step men can’t avoid. Who never locked himself in the bathroom to discover his body when mommy and daddy were out? Through this video, Baxter of California shows us the key transition moment from adolescence to adulthood, to real manhood.

Genius stroke for this skincare specialist who confirms with humor how difficult can be a first time…

St Goustan port, Brittany

Looks le 5 November 2013 par Max as "the driver"

Romano came spending few days in Brittany, least we can say is we didn’t stay quiet. As soon as he had finished shooting the look “On the Run” in Lorient, there he was, driving towards Kerbastic for a new photo shoot. The day after, we met at this little port called St Goustan, I didn’t want him to miss anything during his stay here. The outfit was adapted, peacoat from Petit Bateau and brown chinos from Minimum echoeing the half-timbered houses.

Max port 01

Max port 03

Kost desert boots

Max port 09

Max port 10

I didn’t bring Romano in St Goustan to remind him his birthport (as he is from Marseille), just to make him discover the charm of this coastal village. Only two steps from the café terrace where we were sitting was the Loc’h ramps, abutments of the old castle of Auray.

Max port 14

Max port 16

Max port 18

Max port 23

It was now time to have a walk in the narrow streets of St Goustan, very authentic. The city being built in a basin, there are many difference of heights from each side of the river. Once you reach the top, going down these sloping streets can turn to be a tough thing. As always with Romano, we couldn’t remain serious and our visit ended with short hops all along the slope.

Max port 47

Max port 48

Coat: Petit Bateau
Shirt: Selected
Chinos: Minimum
Belt: Selected
Bag: Cowboy’s Belt
Shoes: Kost

From cotton to a pair of jeans

Nudie jeans have always kept a transparent communication regarding their whole production process. Today, the Swedish brand opens the door of their factories in a video untitled “From cotton to a pair of jeans”. They show us all steps required to manufacture jeans: from the cotton harvest, its weaving to the product shipment. What an interesting video for all denim lovers, where the music and the machines noises create here a real dynamic.

Such a nice video we wanted to share, which could remind you of Dexter credits as well.

Biker jacket for men

Following our look at the history of the biker jacket earlier in the week, we decided now would be a good time to give you some advice about wearing this garment. Because while wearing a leather jacket is difficult enough, wearing a Perfecto well is even harder! For starters, there are loads of different types: there’s the vintage style à la Tommy Ramone, then there’s the casual and more relaxed cut, and then there’s the minimalist style which comes sans belt and sans epaulette. Before you decide which of these is right for you, take a look at our tips:


How do I wear it?

Being a short jacket, the Perfecto suits all body shapes. It will make the legs of the vertically challenged appear longer, as well as highlighting those of the longer-limbed. It’s also great for medium-sized men. Whatever style jacket you choose, the rocker look (Converse/jeans/t-shirt) is always a safe way of wearing your motorcycle jacket.
Essentially the Perfecto is a casual wear jacket; it’s difficult to imagine it looking good with a smart shirt. T-shirts and denim shirts are ideal companions for the biker jacket. On the bottom, chinos are a bit too preppy and clean-cut to wear with the bad-boy Perfecto. Opting for jeans is much better. Easy does it though, not too ripped; you’re not Kurt Cobain. Raw, black or grey denim should do the trick. As for footwear, we think trainers, boots or desert shoes look best.

If you’re investing in a designer biker jacket, these can look just the ticket with tracksuit bottoms and a subtle pair of hi-top trainers.

Which one shall I choose?

The first thing to check out when buying a biker jacket – and this is even more important than the style – is the quality of the leather. Check it doesn’t look fake, isn’t too thin and grainy, and doesn’t have any marks on it. As you will see, the price of leather garments varies significantly according to what animal it comes from and how the item has been designed. The products produced by the top brands are often extremely pricey, but this is because the leather is of the highest possible quality. By and large, we can assess spending over €1000 for a jacket is fantasy (even less than €1000). Which just leaves the cut of the jacket. With cut, it depends wholly on what you’re after and what style you want; it’s either wide and belted, or closely fitted to the body. Check the zip is not too tight around your chest when it’s fastened – this means the jacket is too small. Watch out too for too much of a gap around your hips – this means it’s too big. To get you started with some ideas, here is a selection of Perfectos to suit all budgets:

cheap perfectos

(1) River Island : £65
(2) ASOS : £125
(3) Selected : £240
(4) Topman : £160

perfecto average

(1) Levi’s : £340
(2) Allsaints : £348
(3) French Connection : £300
(4) Edwin : £540
(5) Jofama : £360

expensive biker width=

(1) Ventcouvert : £670
(2) BLK Denim : £836
(3) Levi’s Made & Crafted : £887€
(4) Acne : £1200
(5) Rick Owens : £1345

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