From cotton to a pair of jeans

Nudie jeans have always kept a transparent communication regarding their whole production process. Today, the Swedish brand opens the door of their factories in a video untitled “From cotton to a pair of jeans”. They show us all steps required to manufacture jeans: from the cotton harvest, its weaving to the product shipment. What an interesting video for all denim lovers, where the music and the machines noises create here a real dynamic.

Such a nice video we wanted to share, which could remind you of Dexter credits as well.

Biker jacket for men

Following our look at the history of the biker jacket earlier in the week, we decided now would be a good time to give you some advice about wearing this garment. Because while wearing a leather jacket is difficult enough, wearing a Perfecto well is even harder! For starters, there are loads of different types: there’s the vintage style à la Tommy Ramone, then there’s the casual and more relaxed cut, and then there’s the minimalist style which comes sans belt and sans epaulette. Before you decide which of these is right for you, take a look at our tips:


How do I wear it?

Being a short jacket, the Perfecto suits all body shapes. It will make the legs of the vertically challenged appear longer, as well as highlighting those of the longer-limbed. It’s also great for medium-sized men. Whatever style jacket you choose, the rocker look (Converse/jeans/t-shirt) is always a safe way of wearing your motorcycle jacket.
Essentially the Perfecto is a casual wear jacket; it’s difficult to imagine it looking good with a smart shirt. T-shirts and denim shirts are ideal companions for the biker jacket. On the bottom, chinos are a bit too preppy and clean-cut to wear with the bad-boy Perfecto. Opting for jeans is much better. Easy does it though, not too ripped; you’re not Kurt Cobain. Raw, black or grey denim should do the trick. As for footwear, we think trainers, boots or desert shoes look best.

If you’re investing in a designer biker jacket, these can look just the ticket with tracksuit bottoms and a subtle pair of hi-top trainers.

Which one shall I choose?

The first thing to check out when buying a biker jacket – and this is even more important than the style – is the quality of the leather. Check it doesn’t look fake, isn’t too thin and grainy, and doesn’t have any marks on it. As you will see, the price of leather garments varies significantly according to what animal it comes from and how the item has been designed. The products produced by the top brands are often extremely pricey, but this is because the leather is of the highest possible quality. By and large, we can assess spending over €1000 for a jacket is fantasy (even less than €1000). Which just leaves the cut of the jacket. With cut, it depends wholly on what you’re after and what style you want; it’s either wide and belted, or closely fitted to the body. Check the zip is not too tight around your chest when it’s fastened – this means the jacket is too small. Watch out too for too much of a gap around your hips – this means it’s too big. To get you started with some ideas, here is a selection of Perfectos to suit all budgets:

cheap perfectos

(1) River Island : £65
(2) ASOS : £125
(3) Selected : £240
(4) Topman : £160

perfecto average

(1) Levi’s : £340
(2) Allsaints : £348
(3) French Connection : £300
(4) Edwin : £540
(5) Jofama : £360

expensive biker width=

(1) Ventcouvert : £670
(2) BLK Denim : £836
(3) Levi’s Made & Crafted : £887€
(4) Acne : £1200
(5) Rick Owens : £1345

Welcome to Kerbastic

Looks the 29 October 2013 by Romano as "the garagerocker"

This look is different on many points. Firstly because it is my first of the season. Secondly because it features a guest. Delphine is a blogger as well, a new neighbour living in Brittany, writing on Ladyblogue. Delphine isn’t a fashion blogger and she is not used to pose on photos. But she was curious about discovering how we worked on a shooting. I think this experience allowed her to realise what upstream work it represented and spend a nice afternoon (trying not to laugh on photos).

domaine de kerbastic

landowner domain

reiss jacket

Thirdly, this photo shoot was made with the English brand Reiss which I knew from my previous trips in the UK. I remember the first time I entered in one of their stores, it was in Cardiff during a trip in Wales 2 years ago. This look features 3 pieces from Reiss. I really liked this green jacket, halfway between a trench-coat and a hunting jacket. Style, fit, everything was perfect to throw myself in an adventure! Reiss can’t be found in France. When I have chosen the jeans, it was from their online store as well, I couldn’t try them. A nice surprise came then, they fitted really well and I liked their color. The third piece from Reiss is a pair of boots, a shape in harmony with this outfit and the whole photo shoot’s atmosphere.

hidden shrubs

reiss boots

into the gardens

the master of kerbastic

hedus cardigan

frye bag

Finally, this photo shoot is out of the ordinary as it was took by Romano who was here to spend holidays in Brittany for the first time. For such an event, whe had chosen an exceptional setting, the Domaine the Kerbastic with a charming hotel, beautiful gardens and a chapel. An ideal place to escape from reality and imagine ourselves being rich landowners walking in their property. Welcome to the domain!

the pianist

hidden in the castle


man and wife

Cap: Stetson
Trench-coat: Reiss
Bag: Frye
Cardigan: Hèdus
Shirt: Maison Standards
Jeans: Reiss
Boots: Reiss

Delphine :
Coat: Sessun
Blouse: By Monshowroom
Skirt: IRO
Boots: Vintage

New Balance 998 Navy

Once again this year New Balance has announced another colorway for its iconic 998 sneaker. Firstly released in 1993, this shape is known for being the first featuring the ABZORB technology, a sole mixing foam and rubber for a better shock absorbtion and more comfort from the heel and the toes. For a long time, this shape has remained restricted for the Japanese market, New Balance has decided to make the 998 revive for a wider public relocating the production in their American factories again. This year saw many nice colorways being released for the 998, this is another one following that rule. The 998MB features a navy suede and mesh upper with scattered burgundy and white details. On the tongue is written “Made in USA”, a proof for quality. Not so long ago, it would have been impossible to find this model in Europe, fortunately, times are changing! It is available at Hanon in pre-order – act quick before they sell out!

new balance m998mb

new balance 998 tongue

new balance 998mb

new balance 998 abzorb sole

retail price   £139

at Hanon

On the run

Looks the 25 October 2013 by Romano as "the garagerocker"

A thug, a crook, a gangster, a man whose lifestyle is made of infractions… this one is rather a little yobbo. A stray scoundrel, a pickpocket, a rascal armed with razorblades, stealing to drink and clothe. Living in this waste ground, labyrinth of detritus which have become his marked territory over time. Desocialized, sour, stay away from him or he will draw his weapon in a split second. When he is not pickpocketing, he spends endless minutes gazing upon this wide empty area standing in front of him, staring at the few onlookers with his sharp eye, gulping down adulterated drinks trying to feel warm. He has spotted a new victim. Damn! It looks like he picked to wrong person…

romano rock 08

romano rock 12

romano rock 13

romano rock 17

Extracting from the obstacle to his freedom, he’s taking to his heels with a sharp move. Running for his life, pulling himself up a wall – yes, it’s sport! He has now lost his pursuer, a peace officer. He doesn’t care about the peace, the only thing that matters right now is to find some place to stay for the night. It’s been a while he doesn’t feel a shell-shocked or the adrenaline anymore, he will sleep peacefully tonight.

romano rock 06

romano rock 03

romano rock 07

romano rock 22

romano rock 18

romano rock 24

“For this look, I took out my two year old APC jeans, those we used for the article about how to wash raw jeans. I am wearing a black leather Perfecto jacket as well, in a comtemporary revisited version compared to the original, without a belt. Under that is an animal printed shirt, still in dark shades to leave all the attention on the jacket. At my feets, for lack a pair of boots to give a more “biker” atmosphere, I used my old pair of Vans to add the outfit some color. The accessories, the trinkets and the bandana, were evident as they fitted perfectly to this look.”

romano rock 25

romano rock 29

romano rock 30

Perfecto: Schott
T-shirt: Sixth June
Jeans: APC
Trainers: Vans
Black Bandana
Comb: Kent
Ring ASOS et Hyde
Socks: Happy Socks

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