Nuit d’exception

Looks le 10 April 2014 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Some outfits have to be saved for certain occasions. From one side, dressing in black and white everyday would be sad, from the other, this type of uniform deserves being worn on a worthy event. It was the first time I went so far with it, adding some accessories, sticking to the code of the look without lacking originality. It was also the first time I had managed to find a such a coat. I was immediately stuck with it. In general, formal coat you wear over a suit are dull, the exact contrary of this one made of mottled wool. Why such an elegant outfit? Because I attented a party at the Hotel de Ville of Paris this night. The kind of party that requires to stand out from all gildings, antique paintings and fancy chairs of the reception room.

Tony black white05

Tony black white19

Tony black white17

Tony black white25

Tony black white32

Tony black white37

Tony black white34

Tony black white38

Tony black white40

Tony black white50

Coat: Agnès B
Scarf: Acne
Suit: Comédie Humaine
Pocket square: Pochette Square
Tie: Maison de la cravate
Shirt: Cavalier bleu
Belt: Atelier de la ceinture
Gloves: Bottega Veneta
Watch: Marvin
Shoes: Kenzo
Photos by Romano

RIP Romano

You may have had the same personal experience if you have ever visited the Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris. Entering this place named after Seigeur François d’Aix de La Chaise who lived there until 1709 can be found a map locating all famous people buried in here. Even if the average peaceable atmosphere can be felt, something more in the air surrounds this place. It is a different cemetary, more than some place were people rest, and you quickly get caught visiting the graves of people who inspired you : painters, singers, poloticians and other key figures who left their mark on their era. At their beside, people have left flowers, candles and love messages in different languages. Well, the Père-Lachaise actually belongs to everyone in the World. While walking in the alleys we could enjoy an exceptional light. Scattered sunbeams and dead leaves falling from trees made a great contrast with the ambient cold atmosphere. A touch of melancholy was in the air this day, feeling accentuated by a diffuse haze.

rip romano 04

rip romano 10

rip romano 12

rip romano 17

rip romano 13

rip romano 16

rip romano 22

rip romano 02


Hunting jacket: Hype
Denim jacket: Topman
Shirt: Topman
Jeans: APC
Boots: Bexley
Bag: Ruitertassen
Scarf: Epice
Watch: Casio

heading south

Looks le 3 April 2014 par Max as "the driver"

We’ve been travelling a lot around France the last few weeks. Rennes, Nantes, Paris, Bordeaux and now Marseille. For this occasion, Romano was my tourist guide. He took me to a small village called Goudes in the famous “calanques” area, located on the coast. Hidden in the rocks was an old blockhouse from World War 2 overlooking the sea. Aviator jacket on my back, I could enjoy this great view on the Mediterranean sea while looking for the sun to decline slowly. The night was coming and the light became different creating a change in the atmosphere. As always I couldn’t stand still and flew away like a shadow in the cliff.

Max bunker 04Max bunker 02Max bunker 03Max bunker 12Max bunker 08Max bunker 14Max bunker 10Max bunker 09Max bunker 07Max bunker 15

Jacket: New Man
Shirt: Gant
Jeans: April 77
Shoes: New Balance
Belt: Hackett
Scarf: Ted baker
Gloves: Scotch & Soda
Bracelet: Miansai

On the rooftop

For this photo shoot I went to this place called Friche Belle de Mai. Remember, I took you there once on a sunny day of February 2012 (Cf Marseille’s Wildland). Now they have built a new cultural area. This old tobacco factory which was in a total state of neglect, has been rehabilitated in a 5 floors building with shops, a library, exhibitions and a 475m² rooftop. This large space is a place for parties, open-air concerts, original exhibitions and offers an exceptional view on Marseille. Here, I am wearing quite a simple outfit: black jeans and a wool bomber jacket with fake-leather sleeves, brigthened up with a sunset printed t-shirt matching the light we had this day to perfection. The election blue high-top sneakers are adding some more color.

sur le toit 01

sur le toit 02

sur le toit 07

sur le toit 08

sur le toit 09

sur le toit 13

sur le toit 16

sur le toit 22

sur le toit 23

sur le toit 24

Jacket: ASOS
T-shirt: ASOS
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: Vans
Ring: ASOS
Watch: Timex

Quai des Antilles

Looks le 10 March 2014 par Joe the "tire-remover"

Few weeks ago we went to Nantes for a few days off. Before meeting some of our readers in a bar, Romano and me went for a walk around the bar located at the famous place called “Hangar à bananes”. This place was built to stock bananas in a time when Nantes was the main port in France importing goods from the colonies. Since then, the site was rehabilitated for entertainment with bars, restaurants, a night club and a theater. YThere you can drink and eat enjoying the Loire’s riverside. In this post-industrial scene, I’ve discovered the relics of this ancient port activity.

joe quai des antilles 01

joe quai des antilles 02

joe quai des antilles 03

joe quai des antilles 04

joe quai des antilles 05

joe quai des antilles 06

joe quai des antilles 07

joe quai des antilles 08

Beanie: Norse Projects
Parka: Carhartt
Scarf: Norse Projects
Shirt: Gant
Belt: Scotch & Soda
Trousers: New Man
Boots: Timberland

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