Welcome to Carnac

Looks le 23 September 2014 par Max as "the driver"

We couldn’t show you the exceptional view of the Tumulus de Carnac as the access was forbidden the day of our visit, so we took comfort at the hotel/restaurant/spa with some wine tasting. For the occasion, I was wearing my beautiful “dragonfly” shirt to get the insects some fresh air on this early day of autumn. There were only few sunbeams, but the peaceful athmosphere of this place was enough to spend a pleasant moment.










Jacket Selected
Shirt Minimum
Belt Selected
Chinos Minimum
Shoes Bexley
Socks Royalties
Watch Komono

Fausse Monnaie

Looks le 29 May 2014 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

In such a beautiful day, the thermometer was showing a few 17°C (felt like 28) so I decided to go for a stroll on the seaside. Heading to Anse de la Fausse Monnaie, at the end of Corniche Kennedy, this long road going along the sea, linking the South of Marseille and its famous Vieux-Port. There is a secret door leading to a steep path offering an exceptionnal view on the Mediterranean sea from one side and downtown’s rocky coves from the other. Enjoying the heat of the sun, I walked to Malmousque and its coloured streets to watch the sun set on the horizon.













Raincoat Rains
Denim jacket Levi’s
T-shirt Topman
Belt Topman
Jeans Uniqlo
Socks Royalties
Sneakers Piola
Watch Timex
Bag Bleu de Chauffe

Photos by Fainst

Voyage Capital

The exprienced traveller can ben noticed thanks to his old-patina-leather-bag. It aged beautifully, went all around the world as none can tell how it got so many scars and stains – “Medellin, Colombia, summer 1993, a sad story”. With it, he went over many difficulties, it even saved it life once. He thought he lost it a thousand times but it always reappeared. He could never get rid of it and he’ll give it to his son with a heavy heart, making him promise he’ll carry the bag in many more adventures. This a fictional story of love which has to start someday. Mine begins with a stay in Paris.

voyage capital 1

voyage capital 2

voyage capital 3

voyage capital 4

voyage capital 5

voyage capital 6

voyage capital 7

voyage capital 8

voyage capital 9

voyage capital 10

Suit French Tailor
Sweater Loft Design by
Shirt Melinda Gloss
Shoes Opening Ceremony
Bag Sandqvist
Scarf Aquascutum
Pocket square Derek Rose

Photos by Jérôme Vivet.


Looks le 22 May 2014 par Joe the "tire-remover"

It was on a thursday, Max, Romano and me headed to the Badaboum where we wanted to make a photo shoot in their bar, we had seen few pictures of it on their website. Upon arrival, lights weren’t powerful enough but Max’s bachelor flat turned to be an ideal scene to shoot a first series. As he told you, groups were practising in the very right time we were there and they offered us to come take pictures on stage! I started to remember when I was 16. My first guitar, my first riffs… I was really bad at it actually. Anyway, today I have realised a childhood dream, to get on stage with a real group, my boots and my crappy fingers.

Joe rocknroll26

Joe rocknroll08

Joe rocknroll28

Joe rocknroll06

Joe rocknroll16

Joe rocknroll15

Joe rocknroll12

Joe rocknroll30

Joe rocknroll09

Joe rocknroll37

Joe rocknroll38

Joe rocknroll43

Jacket Balibaris
Shirt Misericordia
Trousers J-Crew
Boots Pete Sorensen
Hat Goorin>/a>
Belt The Belt Factory

My bachelor flat

Looks le 20 May 2014 par Max as "the driver"

Passing through Paris, we could enjoy to stay in the 11th at a place called “Badaboum”, former Scène Bastille. The Badaboum is a concert hall with many different rooms among which this “bachelor flat”. The atmosphere is more than welcoming there. Retro interior furnitures, Formica table, egg ball chair, vintage transistor radio, video games and few erotic movies posters. Everything helped us feel comfortable in this room. The most impressive of all was a wide bay window with a great view on the stage downstairs. From there we could watch this day’s groups practising, and it gave us ideas. So we started to discuss a secret evil plan…

max badaboum 01

max badaboum 03

max badaboum 26

max badaboum 04

max badaboum 31

max badaboum 20

max badaboum 10

max badaboum 22

max badaboum 44

max badaboum 41

Cardigan Topman
Shirt Topman
Belt Topman
Chinos Topman
Shoes Topman
Bag Faguo

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