Orlebar Brown Bulldog beach short

Contrary to appearances, there are swimmers in England! Well, they are brave and certainly a little bit crazy to swim in a such cold water but they exist! And to provide them the best swimwear, who’s the best tailor? Obviously, themselves! And I make my point introducing you Orlebar Brown. A luxury English swimwear brand which offers a great quality to their customers (I’ll be one of them quickly). All of their products are handmade and I would like to quote the founder of the brand: “the message is to create swimwear that you actually can swim in”. Everyone knows, you have to warm yourself up on english beaches. It’s a survival necessity. So, what’s better than a stylish swimwear created to feel comfortable in, be able to enjoy beach sports and seduce in the same time?

Regarding the choice of the length, it is all yours. But for a shopping without any risk I’ll recommend you the Classic Bulldog short. The hardest part will be the color : you will probably get lost when picking among the 27 different propositions.

£129 from Orlebar Brown

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