Oliver Spencer Fisher Jacket

I have never seen any fisherman wearing this kind of jacket but anyway, for our pleasure Oliver Spencer created it to look great on our shoulders. Here, the British designer have taken a classic piece of American style in his hands to create a tailored, beautiful varsity coming in a highly customized way. The item, on which Oliver Spencer style is recognizable, has a 100% cotton fabric. You will appreciate the zip fastening soberly covered up under a brown leather button flap and combined to an elegant short collar. As for the practical side, Oliver Spencer has added two warm hands pocket and two more on the belly and the chest, put it your hook or your bait. The contrast created by the white sleeves on the dark navy of the jacket is also available in red. Yes, the jacket is also available in red, the choice is all your. How great are the Olivers!

£114,50 ( £229 ) from Oliver Spencer

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