Obey 5 Panel hat

We have forgotten to mention it in our SS12 trends article, but there is now way to do without 5 panel hats as snapbacks once the spring season will begin. Classic New Era hats are out, welcome to the 5 panel cap. It is called this way because of its contrusction, with five yokes/panels. The type has clearly been popularized by Supreme in the late 90’s/early 00’s. Autumn-winter 2011 season saw many brands starting to customize their own version of the 5 panel, but it will really become fashionable within the next few weeks.

As this season’s trend is imbued with patterns, and Obey is accustomed to use them, their lastest try must have rendered greately! These two caps are part of their “Native” series. Undoubtedly, my favourite has the “anchor” pattern (for sailors from the Atlantic coast), the second one is almost equally cool with a “Navajo” pattern (for hispters from downtown). Both would be perfectly matching some rolled up chinos and other buttondown shirts ;)

prix conseillé   $36

sur Karmaloop (US) £29 from Urban Industry


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