Nike VNTG “multicolor pack” Quickstrike

In December 2011 was released the first “multicolor” pack featuring two pairs of Blazer. Once again, the brand comes with new versions continuing this series (which name is quite complicated, I’ll give it to you). This multicolor pack is composed by three pairs: a Blazer Vintage mid, a Dunk AC vintage mid, a Bruin vintage mid, all coming in colourful versions.

“VNTG” worth for the vintage treatment the shoes received, a foam padded tongue, a worn-look sole and a suede upper. Each sport multiple colors: the Dunk (on the right) has a blue dominance with yellow and fuschia details, the Blazer (on the left) comes in dark grey, yellow, brown, green, blue (well, multicolor…) and features a cap toe. As for the Bruin (on the top), it sports a nice mustard upper mixed with shades of blue. One sure thing, each of those three shoes has its own fans, and some could regret such model wasn’t released in such color. Personally, I like them all, so my vote goes in favor of the Bruin, to be worn with raw jeans, and a good old dark parka (icing on the cake: they are cheaper).

All three are available at different prices :
– Nike Dunk AC vintage : £45 (£110)
– Nike Blazer vintage : £35 (£85)
– Nike Bruin vintage : £35 (£70)
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