Nike Toki ID

Here is something we should have tested a long time ago : ID shoes from Nike. A reminder for those who would not know : ID is a customizing option Nike proposes for some of their most popular styles. Each year the brand introduces new customizeable models. They recently set the option ON for the Toki, a pair based on a chukka design which is one of our favourite from Nike. I have tried the service for you :

At the very start, I did not have any particular idea about my design but I surely loved the Toki. Then I have tried many mixtures to finally come to something in accordance of what I was looking for: a sober pair for a daily use that could match most of my outfits while keeping some touchs of originality. Then I took the plunge!

Two different leathers are proposed : smooth leather and suede. As I alrealy owned a pair from the latter, my choice was clear on this first step. The color palette is different for both options, it is more sober for the smooth leather, less adapted to summer times, but this was necessarily not a major criteria. I was on the right track picking a navy color! Then come many costumization options regarding the sole, laces colors and materials.

The hardest thing may be about the shoes’ little details : the lining, eyelets, and stichs which I have chosen light blue and red to contrast the main navy color and bring something fun. To give my Toki some more personality I equiped it of leather laces, the same type you can find on boat shoes. To top it all off, a free option allows you to embroider some initials on the sneakers’ heel: “FT” as a dedication for French Truckers semmed evident for me!

Nike announces a month for the production and shipping of their ID shoes : three weeks were enough in my case, a nice suprise then. The pair really matches what I expected from its final picture, and it also matches mid-season awful weathers! Here is a paire sastifying me a 100%, logical considering that I have customized all of its features. The price looks reasonable for such a service, tested and highly approved!

$140 from Nike Store US
$95 from Nike Store UK

Edit : Please note that Nike released the ID canvas version since the test.

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