Nike Blazer : a basketball legend

Since the release in 2009 of the Blazer Vintage reissue, this model hzs known a certain success. For a long time it was sort of lost, but as the seasons were passing, it soon became a sure bet, an essential of men’s wardrobes in both high and low versions. Why is the Blazer so popular? Thanks to its very simple design with the iconic swoosh logo. And the reason why we like wearing such a big logo may be because this shoe is one of the most legendary created by Nike, as it has a key role in its history:

In 1972, Nike had just released the Cortez and this latter was omnipresent in Munich Olympics athletics tracks. At that time, the sports sponsorship marketplace was not that crowded. As soon as Nike realized its new brand started to catch on, decision was taken to place products in the U.S major sports: athletics, then basketball which was very popular at the university.

To achieve this in basketball, Nike created the Blazer. Just a recall, even if such a sport was not in Nike’s original know-how, Phil Knight, Bill Bowerman and Jeff Johnson were selling other brand’s products before its creation. So they could get inspired to create a basic shoe. Yes, the Blazer did not feature any particular technology and was only used for marketing purposes.

On the original version the shoe was made of leather with a big-showy “swoosh” so it could be seen at NBA player’s feet, being worn by George Gervin aka “Iceman”, unblinking glory of the San Antonio Spurs from 1974 to 1985. Firmly established in the range, Nike kept updating the Blazer till the early 80’s in many different versions: high, low, in smooth like suede leather. At that time Nike’s popularity also started to grow from skaters, thus the Blazer was their favorite choice thanks to its flat sole and uncluttered design. That is why the shoe was part of the brand’s skateboarding range as soon as it was launched.

Today the Blazer has become a classic sneaker for everyone, particularly for collectors. In some way this shoe takes part in basketball history, consequently Nike is also closely linked to this history. I personally love the Blazer in both normal and vintage versions! It matches everything as the outfit stays informal.

Over the years many brands, shops and even music labels collaborated on a pair of Blazer: DQM, Liberty, Size?, Stussy, Sub Pop records, Supreme… Amongst around 50000 collabs for the Blazer SB, the Blazer, the Blazer Vintage in either low or high, I selected you few pictures :D

Note that Size? has probably the best selection of Nike Blazer with many exclusive styles and many colorways. Here is the direct link :

Also note that Nike has recently released the ID for the Blazer so you could customize it from A to Z, here is the direct link for the Nike Store.

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