Nike Blazer Denim

Selected le 8 October 2010 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Nike Blazer Denim

Yoox has released plenty of new shoes for the season. What do you think about those Nike Blazers? They’re a classic from Nike. Those vintage basketball shoes were released in 1974 and were worn by the Ice Man, George Gervin. They are selvage denim made, which is very orgininal. They also come up with a black rubber role and large black “swoosh” from both sides. An amazing thing about them is the choice of the colors, which make an harmonious render. Briefly, I f***ing like them :p

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  • MiNdez

    Wow I bloody love them too they're awesome, I thought they would be more expensive. Nice finding !

  • will lockie

    are there any of these for sale or does anyone know where i can buy some i absolutely love them ? thanks