New team!

On the road le 3 April 2008 par Joe the "tire-remover"

I have the pleasure and honour of presenting you the new French Truckers team (straight off the back of the lorry). As of this week, we’ve some new truckers:

  • Streetwise” Jay, “street” fashion and culture correspondant
  • Junior “the conker”, our youngest friend, “college trend” correspondant
  • Vassilli our “Big Brother”, special envoy, who will regularly report on the forum’s hot topics
  • “His Lordship” Pierre, our fashion correspondant, our Mr. Trendy
  • Harry “the Albatros”, who will offer a global fashion perspective

We hope you will enjoy this new wave of fresh talent, and that we can travel far together! And, just to remind you of our existing colleagues:

  • Spike “the seduction coach”, back soon with a set of questions and answers
  • Dédé “the fixer”, who’ll keep us up to date with the things he finds
  • Tony “the cement truck”, also back this week
  • Nina “the hitchhiker”, who’ll be offering us some new spring articles

and, of course, you can always count on me to offer you new subjects! And the door is always open to new contributions… Good luck, welcome on board, let’s kick things off!

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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