New Balance x La MJC x Undefeated x Colette

A collaboration involing 4 different brands can’t be more than a marketing ploy. That’s what can be immediately thought the first time you hear about this collab, and such a reaction seems natural with a title lining up all these brand names. But no one can turn up his nose being in front of these two limited sneakers. Following their 2006, 2007 and 2010 collaborations with New Balance, Colette and La MJC do it again for autumn-winter 2012 to release a collection called “UCLA” adding the Californian Undefeated in the loop. The collection to be pronounced “You see LA” in French proposes two revisited New Balance’s classics : the MT580 and the 1500.

The MT580 symbolizes the French Capital. It features a nubuck and suede body, colored in blue and red which is a nod to its football club. A special inner sole just like the team’s jersey emphasizes this “tribute”. To this day, the model is the first to be fully imagined in France by “NB”.

Like the MT580, this exclusive 1500 was designed by Undefeated and offers a different silhouette (still sticking to the 1500’s). It sports the sky and sun color in reference to te city of Angels (to its weather actually). The inner sole also has a triple signature and features a quirky-lovely leopard lining.

Well, it makes us quadruply branded sneakers… hwo cares seriously? Two extra limited and beautiful as fuck sneakers, you would have to be more than reactive to get your own pair (so do we).
Both will be available for €150 in a limited quantity (200ex for each) on september 29th at :

  • Colette
  • In a special pop-up store located 64 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, Paris 1er
  • on
  • Check the gallery below for more pictures


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