New Balance 1500

Undoubtedly, New Balance is the king of the vintage running sneaker. The brand constantly reissues its mythic models in a large color palette. Today, let us present a classic model firstly released in 1989 : the 1500 running sneaker coming in two colorways : a purple one called “Plum”, and a red one called “Chianti”.

What appealed us is mainly the particular color given by the use of a suede leather for both of them emphasizing their retro aspect. Then, the effect of a very thick sole is weakened by a willowy curved line dividing the shoes’ body and sole from heel to toes, and giving them a dynamic shape. We really like the combo : suede leather/upper mesh/classic sole, and an impeccable coating. Of course they are well coated! We are talking about “made in England” collector edition shoes, justifying a quite expensive retail price..

New Balance 1500 ‘Plum’ : €130 from Snkrs
New Balance 1500 ‘Chianti’ : €130 from Snkrs

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