Naked & Famous Weird Guy blue Weft

Still an exciting thing when the most inventive denim brand of these last years releases new stuff. For the spring-summer 2013 season (though jeans are timeless…) they are bringing us another of their crazy selvedge recipe. On a Weird Guy fit, “a slim fit that tapers from the knee down”, they have put a new dark indigo construction they call “Blue Weft”. After all, their description is the best you would ever find:

“Warp yarms are the vertical yarms ofter dyed in indigo which can be seen on the outside of your jeans. Weft yarms are the filler yarms, often white or unbleached which can be seen on the inside. For this jeans we use a unique blue weft. After your beat these jeans up and scratch and tear the surface, you’ll see the blue weft poke through! Have fun!”

Actually, that means your jeans will fade a certain way, leaving blue shades appear. The jeans are available at: tate + yoko for $158.00


prix conseillé   $158

sur Tate + yoko

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