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Here is a pair of shoes I came across few weeks ago looking for some very smart loafers to dress-up for a cocktail party. Since 2009, Mr Hare, brings its fresh vision of shoesmaking mixing a British heritage, a French elegance and an Italian handmaking. Undoubtedly , Mr Hare has known how to make thinks extermely well with his first loafer: the ‘Genet’, named after Jean Genet, a famous French author (poet) and symbol or the Parisian Romantism.

Mr Hare Loafers 02

One cannot deny the elegance of such a loafer with its velvet tassels and the use of a premium Italian calf-leather mixed with a soft suede upper. Fancy finishing touches and a thin shape is what gives these shoes their dandyish look. And this is all what you need to break up a classic partying outfit with a fanciful-romantic touch (and make the other guests envious, male and female).

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