Motorola StarTac 130

Selected le 8 December 2012 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

Few days ago we started anticipating Christmas publishing our first gift ideas. A list we enrich each day with new products. In this series, the item of today would make smile all those who once knew the Motorola StarTAC, a must-have in 1998, its year of release. Lëikki reissues it in colored, customized versions but still with the same technical features of that time. It you’re looking for a phone which only fuction is phoning (“low tech” trend) and you like vintage items, know that it is sold ready to use; by this way, a battery, and charger are provied and the phone is unlocked! Here is the item to make your colleagues talk in the coffe room…


prix conseillé   €150

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