Mont Blanc Timewalker World-Time

You can’t think about Swiss watches without your attention drifting towards Montblanc and they haven’t achieved this Pavlov’s Dog type response through resting on their laurels – no, sir, they’ve established themselves as one of the world’s leading watchmakers by constantly innovating in terms of their designs and this type of innovation is something which you can bear witness to yourself with the, frankly spectacular, Montblanc TimeWalker World Time watch below.

mont blanc timewalker world time hemisphere

This exceptional timepiece was recently showcased at the SIHH luxury watch event and expected to be released to the expectant public in around July this year and, safe to say, there is already a considerable queue forming for a timepiece of this calibre. Montblanc watches were founded in 1906 and have been responsible for some utterly astounding timepieces over the last century and the TimeWalker watch above shows how they don’t shy away from creating contemporary watches to complement their exceptional collection of more classical style timepieces.

mont blanc timewalker world time hemisphere

The Montblanc TimeWalker World Time watch has a whole host of impressive features that make it stand out from the crowd including a 24-hour world time display showing the Southern Hemisphere as seen from the South Pole with the 24 time zones from each of the different cities, 42 hour power reserve, sapphire crystal glass case, 30m water resistance and triple folding clasp.

mont blanc timewalker world time hemisphere

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