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A childhood always come with many rites and event we all lived once. I would not use the word trauma, but the pocket-foldable thing leaved marks in our memories. Do you remember when you had to unfold the jacket from its self pocket and it was all crumpled, but most of all when you had to carry it around your waist, fastenend thanks to its tricolor elastic band… “In case of rain”, your parents were always telling you – huge lie to deck yourself out in a sticky nylon jacket. At least it did serve as goalpost in the playground, but wasn’t really ideal.

hoodie monsieur lacenaire front

The hoodie

Monsieur Lacenaire, young, yet famous Parisian brand shrungs off our chlildhood traumas deciding all that pocket thing was really practical. Along the same line of their summer collection, fresh, Monsieur Lacenaire presents a regressive though chic hoodie. Knitted in France with Egyptian cotton, this hoodie hides a secret: a back pocket in which it can be folded entirely.

Two colorways are available: “marin” (blue and white stripes) or “marine” with a madras lining. My choice goes for the first, stripes really render well and perfectly match raw jeans. More about the back, check at the shoulders finish with stripes finished with a central seam.

Once turned into a cushion, the hoodie multiple purposes: you can sleep on it, hit someone, play football or rugby, hide things into it…

monsieur lacenaire hoodie back

monsieur lacenaire hoodie pocket

monsieur lacenaire hoodie cushion

The test

This hoodie has a perfect fitting and it is extremely soft. Well of course, it is pricey, and for those who are used to buy their hoodies at American Apparel, checking out will be a weid moment. But I guess this hoodie does not target the same persons. It is the kind of rare pieces you like to own, symbol of a creative commitment from people who know how taking risks and revisit urban classics, like Garance Broca, Monsieur Lacenaire’s designer. Tested and approved!

prix conseillé   €220

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