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I had a girlfriend once who did not like me wearing bow ties, calling me outdated. Has she ever heard about Monsieur Jean-Yves? It is a brand established and created in 2009 at Place Vendôme, Paris. All of their creations are composed by real bow ties (to tie yourself) and fake ones, using the best fabrics they develop theirselves (some are just created expecially for one particular piece). Then, those are woven by top Japanese and European weavers. This tells a lots about their positioning: luxury.

Then, all these silks, precious leathers, feathers, furs, woolen and cashmere flanels are transformed into pefectly made and stylish bow ties. At times dandy, at others “rocky”, accessorizing your outfits with such a tiny touch of quirkiness will make you different from the others. Isn’t it what fashion is about? Difference. Just check out the whole collection, different patterns and fabrics are mixed perfectly. Just let me say something to you Monsieur Jean Yves: you have good tastes! As a personal gift for christmas or to offer to someone, the hardest will be now to pick one above the range. Good luck ;)

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