Metro Retro Apparel tie

Metro Retro Apparel is an independent New Yorker label who started in 2009. From their first day, few wool and cotton ties were in the range, since then they have expanded to a wider accessory line composed by wool, silk, cotton ties, unique bow ties, hankerchiefs, scarves, pocket squares and a “revolutionary” “pocket circle”, a pocket square with a circle shape :p. All of these handcrafted accessories aim at adding a tasty touche to men’s outfits, formal but still fun.

Handcrafted, as I was just saying, in their workshop located in New-York, using the best fabrics. Looking for a nice tie to wear with a grey suit for a summer wedding, I let myself be tempted with this wonderful prince-of-wales checked set : a tie and their so-called “pocket circle”. Both are made in a fine and soft wool, and the cirlce has stitched ‘wavy’ edges. Elegant as relaxed, this is all what I needed! One last thing, handcrafting also means limited quantities, the tie has now unfortunately sell out.

More information at
Pocket square : $65
Tie : $115

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