Men’s sunglasses: trends for 2008

Let’s start with a non-trendy style, as it never goes out of fashion: the aviator, which has been present in every new collection since it was created by Ray Ban in 1936. This basic has once again formed the inspiration for many fashion houses (Dior, Cavalli, Tom Ford…) and designers (Berryl, Porsche Design…).

The main trend at the moment is without a doubt vintage. Ray Ban’s other bestseller, the Wayfarer, a 50’s model, was very popular last year, and this success continues this season.


This vintage trend also includes styles from the 60s, 70s and 80s. My favourites: The seventies revival with streamlined and chunky shapes (a bit like Bruce Lee’s sunglasses). I love it! This year, there are more square, geometric styles.

bruce lee 70s sunglasses

But the most noticeable thing this season is the return of colour! If you like the 80s, you’ll be in your element: Bright colours and large frames are back with a vengeance! White, yellow, red or green, the emphasis is on fun!

80s sunglasses trend

Over the next few weeks, I’ll invite you to discover a selection of sunglasses from these different styles. A range that, I hope, will turn you into shades experts, if you aren’t already ;-)


par Joe the "tire-remover"

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