Men’s beauty parlours

Once upon a time, our fathers had no choice but to visit “mixed” beauty parlours: -Have you come for the bikini wax? Erm, no, it’s for my back. I’m off to the beach next week, and at the moment, to tell you the truth…I’ve got a mohawk down my back! I like to travel light, you see… And a bit of massage wouldn’t go amiss!

Times change. Since then, some beauty parlours have opened their doors specially for us men with our rebellious hair and pale faces… They can treat your feet, back, hands, face and more… Everything to help you relax and put the colour back in your cheeks.


The first time I went to a beauty parlour, like many others, it was a gift. -“Ok, I’ll go then!” Having carefully examined the range, I decided to try a facial treatment.

Being the active sort, I was a bit dubious of my ability to stay still for an hour. So during the first 15 minutes, I asked loads of questions:
What are you doing?
Have you finished it yet?
Are you qualified?
Can I see your certificate?

Then I agreed to close my eyes and leave myself in expert hands: I was cleansed, toned and moisturised… I let myself be swept away by the zen music and feel only the dancing of nimble little fingers.

-Ok, calm… So much so, that at the end of the hour I was nearly asleep. And so, slowly, I came back to life, I put my shirt back on, walked up the steps, said goodbye to the staff, and was carried away by the ebb and flow of Paris.

It was strange to find myself back amongst the crowds after escaping for an hour. I felt like I was walking on moss in the middle of the forest, and my face was breathing the open air.
-My face is breathing!
And I felt really relaxed. If I followed my instincts, I would have gone home, and sat down on the sofa in front of a nature documentary with a big bowl of soup. But I had things to do, like meeting friends for a drink. I had to! -“Hey, you know what, guys? My face is breathing.”

Still to come: our special dossier on men’s beauty parlours in Paris

par Joe the "tire-remover"

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