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Selected le 5 April 2012 par Traz "the doc"

Pockets watches are definitely coming back! Last month Romano presented you a beautiful one from March LA.B. My turn now to introduce you my pick: Memento’s pocket watch. Originally from Hong Kong, this brand was lauched by Jereremy and Baptiste Guedez in 2012. The main idea was to revisit grand-father’s old school watch in a contemporary design.

Then we have a strong-caractered watch mixing a fine dial with a wooden cockle. The packaging is really fancy, made of a casket hiding the watch (made of brushed stainless steel) and the cockle (made of South African sandalwood/ Chinese maple wood) coming with. It also comprises a nylon chain and a product, brand presentation card.

The dial’s design is quite simple with just two fine hands pointing minimalistic numbers, and the brand’s name written. The wooden cockle has many shades with nice marblings. The watch just fits perfectly its matching wooden box, though you can also wear it “undressed”, in a rawer spirit. Just note that the fitting is so tight that you can barely remove the cockle once the watch is inside. The whole slides easily in a jeans coin pocket with a 5cm diameter and 1cm thickness.

A snag to me is the chain, bound by a clip and chosen in an elastic nylon by Memento. A very practical system, but not very well finished. The cord dit cut apart at the first use only! And the clip (Zamak made) does not match the rest of the watch in term of style. My advice is to replace it by a brown string, more suitable with the watch’ spirit and much more reliable.

To finish, this cool pocket watch isn’t a real watchmaking piece (its movement is Myota Quartz), but it will still bring an original touch to all of your outfits, and to the way you tell the time for a decent price. Also thanks to Joe who gave me this idea in his “A dandy in Villandry” shooting.

€99 from Timefy

par Traz "the doc"

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