Mark McNairy camo desert boots

We had a crush on this pair of desert boots from Mark McNairy. Since its launch in 2008, the New Amsterdam brand got us used to a hint of quirkiness in its creations, still keeping tradition as a backdrop. Since summer 2011, the creator felt free to use many patterns and striking colors. Following the same spirit, camouflage appeared on the autumn-winter 2012 pairs. Camo is a tough one! I mean, it may be hard to match. As for us, to make those magnifiscent desert boots “shine” we think of a chinos/jeans, sweater, parka combo. They are made in Northamptonshire, England for an irreproachable construction: crepe soles, Goodyear welt and camo printed upper. Certainly not the kind of pair you would wear everyday, but confirmed styles may offer themselves a nice gift, quality as quirky and 70% off!


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