Lyle & Scott duffle-coat

Sales le 15 January 2013 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

The duffle-coat is a great classic of men’s closet, since two years now it is under the spotlight. Marine like with jeans and boots, preppy with a pair of derbies and corduroy trousers, the duffle-coat is and easy-matching piece. Our selected item today is this 80% wool duffle-coat from Lyle & Scott available in two colorways: navy and grey. It has a traditional construction: two large flat pockets on the front and a classic fastening with jute ropes and wood buttons. Noticeable, there is no hood on this duffle-coat, that’s what makes it original along with its shawl collar. As we’re in sales period, it can be found at a rock bottom price!


prix soldé   €124,50 €249

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