LTD Watch Competition

Selected le 6 January 2011 par Romano as "the garagerocker"

LTD Watches are the new fashionable item to hit the streets. Each LTD watch is limited to only 100-150 pieces per colour worldwide, making these watches, without doubt, a sure bet this year. Usually the word limited means expensive but these watches come at a price that wont break the bank, they are affordable, of decent quality, modern, stylish and eye catching. They’ll accessorize your time keeping, while keeping up with modern day trends and fashion. Classic silhouettes are supercharged with colours and accents that embolden the traditional timepiece, updated seasonally to reflect trends and fashion palettes. Each model is uniquely produced in a highly limited run, ‘never to be produced again’.

We have teamed up with TicWatches which is a UK designer watch retailer offering brands such as Ice watch, LTD watch , Vestal watch, and we are offering one lucky winner a stylish LTD Black Chronograph Watch.

Let’s play!

To enter the competition and try to win your LTD watch, just “Like” our facebook page and comment the competition post explaining why you should win the watch. The results will be announced on Monday 31st of January.
Good luck to everyone!

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  • Bill

    Good luck to anyone who entered.


  • Terenci

    Hi! I think I should win because I was just thinking of buying a watch like that. I'm 22 I never had a decent watch and I think an LTD would be a great starting point. Thanks for this cometition :)

  • Bill

    Just wanted to share a watch I found from the link romano gave;

    So so so tempting.