London Undercover Naval Umbrellas

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LUGB Naval Umbrellas

When end of the year celebrations are around the corner, this is the kind of gift you like to offer, and to be offered! London Undercover umbrellas are to us the quitessence of umbrellas. And they are proving it again today with the release of this naval collection. The initial observation is based on the fact that British Royal Navy has always been one of the most – if not the most – powerful navy in the world. This series aims to celebrate that, using graphic codes of the Royal Navy.

Two umbrella are released in the collection with a different lining for each. Lining is what makes London Undercover pieces cool, this time we are offered one striped and one battle map pattern. Both are double layered and feature a shaft mixing natural bamboo and beech wood. L.U.G.B (it seems to be the new name of the brand) is embroidered on the umbrellas which frames are always coming in metal. Add this cool details for each piece like a striped fastening strap. Please guys feel free to offer us such a gift :>

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