Levi’s Workwear by Filson

Selected le 21 October 2011 par Traz "the doc"

Levi’s and Filson, two big names of American Workwear have just released their new collab under the name of their famous capsule collection: Levi’s workwear by Filson, proposing new versions of iconic pieces of each brand. The autumn-winter 2011 collection is composed of five items. The first is the classic Trucker jacket from Levi’s, finished in Oil Tin cloth, the famous and usual Filson oiled canvas, with a brown cord lined cuff.

The classic 505 Levi’s cut also comes in an Oil Tin cloth finish. And interesting alternative to classic chinos (and sturdier).

A great classic from Filson, the Original Hunting waistcoat is also part of the collection. It still has its many pockets, even in the back to have everything necessary (and unnecessary) within reach, and it is revisited in denim.

Here is another classic from Levi’s: the Sawtooth shirt, with again the Oil Tin cloth replacing the denim.

Lets talk about the flagship piece of this collection to me. On the contrary of the other pieces it is totally new. Issued from a cross between the Levi’s Trucker with its shape and the Field jacket from Filson with its ventral pockets and double fastenings (button + zip), the Hunter Trucker is offering a nice protection against elements. Mainly thanks to a Oil Shelter cloth finish, lighter than the Tin cloth, both waterproof and extremely resistant.

Levi’s and Filson have released a complete collection here, mixing blue-chip designs and high quality. Gold diggers from Klondike who where amongst the first clients of both brands would have gladly welcome it!

More info at Filson.com and Levi.com

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