Levi’s Vintage Clothing tote bag

Here is a tool I have quite never understood the usefulness. Mainly because of the lack of a shoulder strap on it. Are tote bags made for shopping, to put some beach stuff, or to be used as a daily bag? No one will never know! But still and all, I can recognize a beautiful item when I see one, reason why presenting this Levi’s Vintage Clothing tote. The bag is very limited edition (50 units) and constructed of coated canvas coming with cool features. The handles, for example, are made of used belts and customized with silver rivets. Made in Italy, each of the 50 piece is numbered. Well, “different strokes for different folks”, some of you might know better than me how to finally use it ;)

£115 (£230) from LN-CC

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  • http://www.sino-treasure.com kate garcia

    I love the fashion and beautiful bags.